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Lynn's Quilt Gallery

Here's a gallery of some of the quilts I've made so far. Some I've kept, others were made as gifts. All were fun! I'll post more as we get photos of them...

Click on any thumbnail photo to see a larger version


The Piece de Resistance Lynn's Pièce de Résistance
The 2013 Rising Star Quilters' Guild Raffle Quilt
A Dinosaur-Themed Quilt
A Diamond-Patterned Quilt
Horizontals and Diagonals in vivid colors
Megan and Dan's wedding quilt, a wall hanging in a traditional Double Wedding Ring pattern in fall colors...
Two new quilts. One was a wedding gift, the other hasn't defined a purpose for itself yet...
A wedding quilt
Some stitching detail
The second quilt
Some stitching detail
A Winter-themed snowman quilt (Yellow Brick Road pattern, 56" x 74") with freehand quilting patterns throughout . This was made as a gift for a family with young children.
The full quilt
One freehand quilted snowflake
Another freehand quilted snowflake
Two freehand quilted snowflakes
Another freehand quilted snowflake

Three Quilt-Show quilts that I exhibited at the Rising Star Quilt Guild Show 14-15 October 2006.
C33 - A Mystery in Black and White

I wanted to try John Flynn's templates for his Wheel of Mystery pattern
W89 - Star of Maywood

This is called "Ethan's Star". I found a collection of fabrics called "Gladiola" by Maywood Studio. I cut the borders from a large floral print and went ahead with the rest of the quilt. When it came time to put on the borders I found they were not going to work. Thank goodness there was this great stripe.
W88 - Birds Love Lavender

This is the second quilt I ever made; the result of a class taken at the Cambridge Quilt Shop. Now I teach classes at the shop. I suppose I've flown full circle!

This is also an "Ethan's Star" pattern, but the choice of colors and fabrics makes it look quite different

This is a Christmas Stocking pattern I liked
This is a pattern I designed myself. I call it "Salvador's Pinwheels"
This design is called "Tutti-Fruitti" but the original pattern called for lots of fruit patterns, so the name makes more sense that way
This pattern is called "Barney's Block"
This is called "Jigsaw Puzzle" - hopefully it's obvious as to why!
This is a table runner I made as a gift for our Irish host cousins for our trip in 2004
This is an Autumn Leaves quilt I designed...
Here is a close-up of some of the quilt stitching on the Autumn Leaves quilt
Here's a Halloween motif with a Black Cat
Yet another quilt based on the "Ethan's Star" pattern
A Christmas Quilt
Here I am in my quilt room, quilting away!


If you have any questions about any of these quilts, you can email me by clicking here...




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