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The VOGT FamilyTreeHouse Privacy Policy

The VOGT FamilyTreeHouse is NOT connected with the scum-bag data-selling web-site that bears a very similar name (minus the VOGT part).  If we had more money to throw around we would go after them for copyright infringement, since we have used the term FamilyTreeHouse on our web site and in reference to our genealogical research much longer than they have (since the early days of the web).  We own the domain names familytreehouse.net, familytreehouse.org, familytreehouse.us, familytreehouse.ws, familytreehouse.info, familytreehouse.biz, and now, familytreehouse.com (you can try clicking on any of them, but they all lead back to this web site)!  A family in California was doing the same thing we are doing (running a personal family web site with genealogical flavor) and previously owned familytreehouse.com but they gave it up in November 2009, and we were able to acquire it.  Clearly we were using the term before the scum-bags were, or else they would have bought the domain names first.

The VOGT FamilyTreeHouse does not collect information in any way shape or form, nor do we sell, rent, exchange or otherwise disclose mailing lists or information about our site visitors.  If cookies are enabled on your machine, our web site will store a cookie on your machine that compares the date of your last visit to our site with the date of the last modification of the web site.  If something has changed since your last visit, we will tell you that.  If not, we say nothing.  If cookies are disabled in your browser, we ignore the whole process and say nothing. 

If you choose to email us and provide personally identifiable information about yourself, we will not use the information for any purpose other than to respond to your inquiry.

No animals (real or virtual) were harmed in the construction or testing of this web site....... aren't you relieved?


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