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The Pièce de Résistance

Our oldest daughter got married in October 2009 and Lynn decided to make a bed-quilt for the couple as their wedding present from her. She had already made an intertwined-rings wedding reception wall-hanging quilt for the couple that reflected our Celtic heritage (Scottish and Irish), but this was to be an heirloom, something that would last.

Megan favors earthy, fall colors and took an active part in the selection of fabrics, colors, and patterns. Lynn had a number of false starts in the design phase, but settled on a personal adaptation of Kim Diehl's "Romance and Roses" quilt pattern, and she herself came up with the concept and design of the ivy border. There is also a pillow sham that completes the ivy border on the top, as a separate item. The quilt was machine-pieced, with the ivy border hand-appliquéd, and free-hand machine-quilted on a giant long-arm quilting machine. Eight years in the making; a labor of love.

The wedding quilt was so big I couldn't find a place to hang it vertically inside our house and be able to get back far enough from it to get the entire quilt into one image, undistorted.  So, I made use of the available auditorium at my place of work one afternoon, set my photography backdrop hanging gear up to hold the quilt, and my photography lights with umbrellas on either side.  The camera was on a tripod about 25-30 feet away. Click on the photo below to see a more detailed version.

The Pièce de Résistance

close-up of the handiwork

Click on this thumbnail to see a close-up example of the appliqué work and quilting style.


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