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Audrey Vogt

  • 30+ Years Old
    • Marketing Assistant for PetEdge, a commercial pet care products supplier
    • Owner/Operator of Scholars With Collars, a dog grooming/walking/training service on wheels
    • Former Weekend Salon Groomer for PetSmart in Woburn
    • Former Grooming Salon Manager for PetCo in Burlington
    • Former Obedience Trainer for PetCo in Burlington, specializing in fear-aggressive dogs, and puppies just learning how to be big dogs!
    • Former Assistant Manager, GameStop in Burlington MA
    • Former Pharmacy Technician at CVS in Burlington MA
    • Former pet washer at Animal Attraction in Stoneham
  • Hobbies:
    • Reading
    • Anime (works at the conventions along thr eastern seaboard)
    • Her Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation2, PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo DS
    • Music
    • Horseback Riding (youth summers spent on a horse ranch in Wyoming)
    • Freehand Sketching
  • Awards:
    • Featured speaker at the Wilson College Alumni Banquet, November 2000
    • High Honorable Mention at the 40th Annual WHS Science Fair
    • Member, Excalibur, National Honor Society for Excellence in Science

Audrey bought a NEW new car!


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