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Audrey's New New Car

Audrey bought another new car, and this one was NEW new - ten miles on the odometer! She bought a 2012 Honda Insight Hybrid with some of the bells and whistles.

Her 2005 Honda Element was getting a bit long-of-tooth and was due for some serious maintenance in the not-so-distant future (shocks, struts, and other sundries), and her 400-mile-per-week commute was burning up a lot of gas at 24 miles per gallon, so the economics persuaded her to take advantage of the end-of-year sales on new cars. That, plus the fact that the Element has been discontinued but is still very popular in the New England area resulted in an over-inflated trade-in value in the short term. She struck while the iron was hot, and even worked one dealership against the other for the best deal!

Good luck with it, Audrey!



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