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Molesworth is the home of a MITRE site and the joint analysis center for the USEUCOM, so I made a few trips there during our four years in Europe. Often, it was in conjunction with other trips or vacations...


September 1993

I was off to England again for two days in September and three days just before Thanksgiving on business (same places, High Wycombe and Molesworth).


June 1994

In June, Lynn took a well-deserved Mother's Vacation to visit her friend Carolyn in England. Hamp and Carolyn were people who lived in Stuttgart when we first arrived, and we quickly became good friends. Hamp worked with me in the MITRE office, and Carolyn and Lynn hit it off immediately. They shared a lot of similar feelings about things and really understood each other. They even had a teenage daughter who baby-sat for us when we first arrived. It's hard to imagine hiring a baby-sitter for Megan or Audrey now, but we did back then! Hamp and Carolyn moved to England when MITRE opened up its Molesworth site.

Lynn in Front Of Jack Wight's Office in Thirsk

Anyway, Lynn headed off to visit Carolyn for about a week. She flew from Stuttgart to Heathrow, and took a bus up to Huntingdon near where they lived. They spent the time talking and catching up on news and stuff, and even took a couple of days for a trip up to the York area, and in particular to the village of Thirsk, to poke around and visit the region where the author James Herriott and his doctor role model, Jack Wight, live. Mr. Herriott was no longer accepting visitors (he's in his eighties now), and the veterinary practice that Jack Wight started so many years ago is now run by his son. Times change. They also went back to Cambridge, the town we had visited on a Sunday last year, and much to Lynn's surprise it was a beehive of activity and shopping. All in all it was a nice trip, and like all nice trips, too short.



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