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Frankfurt am Main, or Frankfurt, city in west central Germany, in Hesse, a port on the Main River. It is a major manufacturing, financial, commercial, and transportation center, served by rail lines and the Rhine-Main Airport, the most important in Germany. Manufactures include machinery, electrical equipment, chemicals (notably in the Höchst district), pharmaceuticals, motor vehicles, clothing, and printed materials. International trade fairs, including the world's largest annual book fair, are held in the city.


Most of our trips to Frankfurt were to the Flughafen, the airport, to pick up or drop off American visitors. We did make one emergency trip in 1994 to the American Consulate, when we noticed that our passports were about to expire, which puts a serious crimp in one's ability to travel around Europe or return to the States! One of our first trips, though, was to a castle in the hills above Darmstadt and the Rhine river, which is near Frankfurt......


November 1991 – Darmstadt & Frankenstein’s Castle

Yesterday we took a ride about 200 kilometers north of Stuttgart to a town called Darmstadt. There we visited the castle of Baron Von Frankenstein, for real! The name similarity to the main character of Mary Shelley's famous story is purely coincidence, but in years past the owners of the castle (mostly in ruin, but impressive still the same) have done a "Halloween-fest" for the Americans in the area, with scary scenes and stuff to do. Unfortunately, they haven't done it for a few years (unbeknownst to us) because of crowds and poor parking. Seems the Americans were coming out in droves for the event. So we showed up and there was nothing out of the ordinary happening. Oh well! We still had a good time walking around and exploring the remaining parts of the castle.



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