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The divided city that was for so long a symbol of the Cold War was joined figuratively about 26 months before we arrived in Germany, and joined officially on Reunification Day, 3 October 1990, barely 11 months before we arrived.



April 1994 - Berlin

In April, Megan’s class got to visit Berlin for a week on a study trip. She brought home a souvenir piece of the Berlin Wall in a little plastic frame. Her class visited all the historic places in this famous city, including the Hard Rock Cafe!



May 1995 – Berlin

May saw our very last European visitor arrive. My niece, Anne Marie, graduated from college in May and rewarded herself for four hard years by taking a month and coming to Europe! She arrived on the 24th of May, and her cruel uncle and aunt swept her away the very next day on a whirlwind tour of the Czech Republic and Berlin! We started the tour with a few hours in Nürnberg, then we drove to Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. From Karlovy Vary we drove to Prague, and then we hopped in the van and headed across the former East Germany to Berlin.

950528 078-27 B Brandenberg Gate Berlin.jpg (6842 bytes)
Brandenberg Gate
950528 078-17 B Megan Anne Audrey Lynn at U2 Trabant in Hard Rock Cafe Berlin.jpg (7655 bytes)
Megan, Anne Marie, Audrey, and Lynn at U2's Trabant in the Hard Rock Cafe in Berlin
950528 078-32 B Remnants of the Berlin Wall in Potsdamer Platz.jpg (7006 bytes)
Remnants of the Berlin Wall in Potsdamer PLatz

We arrived in Berlin in the late afternoon, and found a hotel in the former Eastern section of the city that had been newly renovated.  The hotel had a vacant room for us the first night, but not the second, so we resigned ourselves to packing up and switching hotels the next day.

The next day during the morning we took a walking guided tour of Berlin (wonderful, but quite a hike) and returned to the sights we wanted to see more of during the afternoon.   That afternoon we also used the local tourist bureau to find us a funky hotel above shops on Kurfürstendamm Straße, where lots of shops and cafés are found.  That evening, we dined at the Hard Rock Café, and enjoyed the sights and sounds of a revitalized Berlin.

The third day we spent the morning at the Berlin Zoo, then hopped in the van to drive home to Stuttgart.





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