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Wilhelm WILSON - Patriarch of the WILSON Clan

My father's mother's family is Swedish. This is a photo of my Great-Great-Grandfather, Wilhelm WILSON, from Sweden. Family folklore has it that he was awarded the medal shown in the photo by the King of Sweden himself, for services rendered in the Swedish army, and he wore it constantly (even to bed!).

Wilhelm was born 10 June 1835 in Härlunda Sweden. In 1859 he married Christina Johannsdotter. They had four children; Hendric (7 May 1859), Frans (16 Feb 1861), Wilhelmina (my great-grandmother, born 18 Jun 1863), and Gustav (born 17 May 1866). All four children were born in Larv parish, Skaraborgs, Sweden.

Wilhelm died 6 Oct 1887.




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