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VOGT Family Tree - circa 1994

This picture was built in stages. First I generated a Left-To-Right-Optimum Descendent Chart for myself in the companion charting program (EasyChart) that comes with Sierra's Generations. Generations allows you to associate scanned images (in BMP or GIF format) with individuals in the genealogy database, so these photos are straight from the genealogy database. The photos were scanned in and enhanced and modified using MicroGrafx Picture Publisher. Then I pasted the chart into Microsoft's PowerPoint. The tree is standard PowerPoint clip art. The title text at the bottom was built using the TextArt application that comes with WordPerfect for Windows.

I printed four versions (one for each of my sisters, and myself) using an HP 560C color InkJet printer, using HP LX Series Glossy Paper (expensive paper, but spectacular results), and presented them to my sisters for Christmas 1994. The chart is now incomplete, as I have extended a number of my lines back further.




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