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TAYLOR Genealogy

The TAYLOR branch of Lynn's family tree is one of the most extensive and well-researched genealogies that I have ever encountered. Her G-GF, Arthur Orison TAYLOR, was a life-member (and occasional officer) of the New England Historic Genealogical Society and had done an enormous amount of research himself. From his work (a recently discovered unpublished but well-referenced manuscript, written in 1923, that adds in the vicinity of 700 names to her tree) we have established Lynn's lineage back to Henry DUNSTER, first president of Harvard College (her 7G-GF), to Gov. Thomas DUDLEY, 2nd governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony after John Winthrop (her 8G-GF), to the Mayflower passenger and signer of the Mayflower Compact. Degory PRIEST (her 11G-GF), and to Ezekiel RICHARDSON, one of the 7 founders of Woburn MA in 1642 (her 10G-GF). It also lists (confirmed and signed by a member of the British College of Arms in 1937) that Lynn is descended from William the Conqueror (her 32G-GF). My daughters expect me to kiss their hands now that they are descended from royalty, but I know better! ;)

The ahnentafel for this impressive body of work can be found here. It consists of 418 of Lynn's direct ancestors spanning 46 generations. This work was done almost exclusively by Lynn's Great-Grandfather, but I have spent time cross-referencing and re-verifying some items, and it's all in order and impeccably documented.




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