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Sea Dog

A Seadog Coaster (Deckel)"What's this one doing here??" you might well ask. Well...... my mother-in-law used to live in Camden Maine, and while I was in Germany she had been sending me newspaper clippings about this local micro-brewery called Sea Dog that had been winning all sorts of awards and gives tours and stuff. So when I was back visiting during the summer of 1993, I stopped in to check it out. Nice place! They do some yuppish things (I can do without oatmeal beer, thank you very much), but their basic brews are very nice!

Sea Dog has since become a major craft brewery with at least six associated restaurants (three in Massachusetts, one in the Family TreeHouse's home town: Woburn!). They got bought out by - and are now owned by - Shipyard Brewing Company of Portland ME, so they're still a Maine brewery, but not the tiny craft brewery and tavern I saw in Camden in 1993 (their year of establishment).





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