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Gene's Professional Activities

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Lowell Technological Institute with a minor in Secondary Education from Lowell State College in 1975. In 1975 I took a job teaching physics and earth science at Burlington High School. I returned to school part-time and earned a Master of Secondary Education degree from Northeastern University in 1980.

Also in 1980, after spending five years teaching high school, I changed careers and began work for Betac Corporation doing Indications and Warning Systems Design and Implementation for the U.S. Government. While with Betac I worked on enhancements to the Worldwide Warning and Indications Monitoring System (WWIMS), and assisted in the development and deployment of the Prototype Advanced Warning System (PAWS).

While with Betac I also did work for a Betac subsidiary, Kentec Corporation where I designed, developed, coded, tested, and implemented a microprocessor based analysis system for the analytical processing and textual/graphical display of user selected subsets of a large volume time based database to assist financial analysts in discerning trends and patterns in the foreign exchange currency market.

in 1987 I left Betac for a position with the MITRE Corporation, a not-for-profit federally-funded research and development corporation (FFRDC) working in the public interest for the U.S. Government. At MITRE I worked on software and systems integration issues for the Marine Corps Intelligence Center (MCIC) at Quantico VA, and l led the integration and deployment effort for injecting new technology into NATO's Southern Region Joint Operational Intelligence Cell (SRJOIC, a US Department of Defense Intelligence cell within the NATO structure) in Naples Italy, assisting JOIC users in design, usage, and integration issues associated with the SRJOIC system and mission. I was also a member of Compartmented Mode Workstation (CMW) evaluation team, resulting in the first evaluated CMW product for the government's Evaluated Products List (EPL); a secure (B1) Unix operating system for personal workstations.

In 1991 I transferred to the MITRE site in Stuttgart Germany, where I worked for four years on various issues and challenges for the US European Command Headquarters (USEUCOM), including the expansion of the JOIC concept to NATO's Northern (Oslo Norway and High Wycombe UK) and Central (Brunnsum Netherlands) Region. I was also Technical Liaison for USEUCOM to the Survey Section, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) for ADP issues, and Technical point of contact for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in-theater activities, to include user liaison for CONOPS and future project feasibility.

Upon my return to the Bedford operations of MITRE, I became involved with the National Target/Threat Signature Data System (NTSDS) as systems engineer and technical lead for the government. I continued in this role as the program expanded to become the National Signatures Program (NSP). Recently I've been involved with assessment projects, evaluating IT capabilities and staffing at various installations around the world. My last assignment before retiring was as the lead engineer for the sensors division of the Air Force's Foreign Military Sales (FMS) division.

I've also worked as a racquetball club desk clerk, night manager of a record store, a roofer, a painter, a landscaper, in electronics assembly and aerosol can production. I lecture on various genealogy topics from time to time, including past presentations at the local (WPL, SPL), regional (PGS), state (MSOG), and multi-state (NERGC) level.



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