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A Dinkelacker deckel (say that 3 times fast!)My favorite beer of all is brewed right in Stuttgart. One of three major breweries in the city (Schwaban Bräu and Stuttgarter Hofbräu being the other two), Dinkelacker CD-Pils has a light and foamy consistency (well, light by German standards), and has that distinctive slightly bitter after-taste that keeps your tongue happy well after the swallow disappears.

By the way, many people are curious about what the CD stands for. All the wild rumors are false. CD stands for Carl Dinkelacker, who founded the brewery in 1888. The Dinkelacker family has been brewing beer since the mid 1700s, and still controls the company.

For those who like to dream - get a load of this. Every employee of Dinkelacker, from the lowly night watchman to the company president, gets an interesting "perk" for working for the brewery....

Twelve Free Cases of Beer Per Month!

Now let's see.... with 20 half-liter bottles per case, that's.... 120 liters of beer PER MONTH!! And... according to our tour guide, some of the employees complain that's not enough!

Dinkelacker is also imported to the States, even in 5-liter mini-kegs, but the local stuff is obviously fresher and more unique tasting. The brewery in downtown Stuttgart has a wonderful restaurant attached to it, and the pub shop on the brewery grounds (where the pub owners get their glasses and deckels and other supplies) is apparently open to the public - at least they took my money!





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