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Computer #13 (Microsoft Surface Laptop Go)

Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD


Just as Microsoft started rolling out Windows 11 (~October 2021), I started testing my computers to see which ones could handle the new OS... My desktop workstation (a Dell XPS 8930 tower running Windows 10Pro) passed with flying colors (no surprise, less than 2 years old), but my various other long-of-tooth and grey-of-beard laptops¹ would not be able to run Windows 11... too old. I didn't want to convert to Windows 11 cold-turkey without test-driving it a bit to make sure I liked it. My solution was literally dropped in my lap when Microsoft offered me $200 off a new Surface™ Laptop Go, with a free upgrade to Windows 11. I didn't go with the absolute weakest machine offered, I ordered an Ice Blue Surface Laptop Go, with an Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD for $700. Ordered 6 November, delivered 9 November. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah! Very thin, very light, it's got a power-on switch that doubles as a fingerprint reader, so powering it on also logs me in! It came with Windows 10-Home that needed multiple iterations of updating, so I just set it up and left it to do update after update, then when it was done I fumbled around a bit to initiate the Windows 11 update. Finally got it all set, linked it up to my OneDrive account on my XPS workstation, and as long as I have wi-fi access on the Surface Go I've got access to all my files on my workstation from anywhere. Kinda slick!


1 - an 8-year-old Microsoft Surface Pro 3 [Intel Atom™ x7 Z7800 w/ 2GB RAM] running Windows 10Home; a 10-year-old Dell Latitude 6430u i7 [an auction laptop bought while I was still working for MITRE] running Windows 10Pro; an 8-year-old Dell Latitude E7440 i5 [another auction laptop bought while I was still working for MITRE] running Ubuntu Linux 20.04



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