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Computer #11 (Dell Precision T3500 [BB Server #2])

Not long after we switched our permanent residence from the TreeHouse in Massachusetts to the Ballot Box in Maine, Woot had an irresistable refurbished computer offer on 26 September 2019... an Intel quad-core 2.8 GHz Xeon-driven Dell Precision T3500 tower workstation (see photo, right) with 12GB of DDR3 memory and a 2TB SATA hard disk, all for $190, shipping included (I have an Amazon account). Xeon CPUs were once in the exclusive domain of server machines, and my tiny Dell Optiplex 755 SFF desktop that had been serving as the BallotBox workstation (code-named "Buster") for 6-7 years after being bought at auction after a full life as a desktop in a tech company was due to be retired (and was reporting hard disk problems), so it was time. It got delivered to the Ballot Box lickitty-split. It came with Windows 10 Pro but I installed my copy of Windows Home Server 2011 on it instead. I set up IIS (for in-house web serving) and got the internal web site up and running, got the media server up and running with digital copies of about a third of our 3000 CDs or more... to be served to devices inside the Ballot Box, and installed the Blue Iris webcam management software and brought the webcams online. It's a lot quieter than the Optiplex 755 (the previous house server) was. I added an Aluratek USB-2 SATA disk dock to supplement the provided 2TB drive for system backups.





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