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Computer #6 (Home-Built No-Name; 2005-2008)

Computer #6 was a home-built no-name machine that was originally intended to become the new house server, but got pressed into service as my main machine when I encountered software that was too taxing for the previous machine. I picked up an MSI (P4MAM2-V) motherboard and a new-style Intel Pentium-4 (2.66 GHz, with a 533 MHz hyper-threading bus) CPU bundled together on sale for $80 ($110 off list). A bit later I found 1 GB DDR DRAM boards for $119 on-line, so I picked up one of those. I had a spare 200 GB drive, and an old CD-ROM drive that came out of my main machine when I bought the DVD-Writer.  All I needed was a chassis and a power supply, and MicroCenter had them on sale ($20 for the mid-tower chassis and $40 for a 450W power supply). So my new 2.66 MHz hyper-threaded P-4 with a Gig of memory and two 200 GB drives cost me about $260 total. It was only used as my main workstation for a while, until I decided what to buy as a new machine (#7). When that happened, it morphed into a Linux machine running Fedora 8 for a while.



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