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Computer #2 (IBM PS/2 Model 50; 1987-1992)

Computer #2 was another true-blue IBM machine; a PS/2 model 50 (12 MHz 80286) with 1 MB RAM, one 3.5" floppy drive and an external 5.25" floppy drive for backward compatibility, a 14" EGA monitor, and one 20 MB hard drive. I bought an external 1200 bps modem to go with this puppy, and during its lifetime the 9-pin printer from the previous machine died, so I replaced it with a fancy new 24-pin Epson LQ-800, which I still have, stored away in it's soundproof box to deaden the sound it made while printing (loud!).

The PS/2 was used to continue work on the Kentec project and for various other activities. It was the computer Audrey was sitting in front of when I took the famous family photo of her in front of the screen... you can even see the LQ-800 in it's "soundproof booth" in the background and the computer cart I used up until the move to Maine.














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