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Dusk On The Essex River
After a dinner at Tom Shea's restaurant, I snapped this photo from the deck of the restaurant... great view for a meal!
12 Jul 2005, F/4 @ 1/40, ISO 800, 18mm, Canon Digital Rebel

Sunset on Cadillac Mountain
In Acadia National Park in Maine sits Cadillac Mountain, with highly accessible viewing spots for the sunsets (on the west side of the mountain) and sunrises (on the east side). This was a shot of the remnants of a sunset from a short distance away from the well-used sunset viewing spot.
11 Sep 2005, F/5.6 @ 1/125, ISO 400, 51mm, Canon Digital Rebel

Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain
The very next day I was back on the mountain to catch the sunrise. At certain times of the year (July being one of them), the Cadillac Mountain peak (where I was) is the first land in the US that the sun's rays touch. This lone pine tree stood sentinel to watch for the coming of those rays. It was blowing a gale that morning, so I had to crank up the shutter speed to minimize the wind effect and to catch the tree without a blur.
12 Sep 2005, F/5 @ 1/2000, ISO 400, 37mm, Canon Digital Rebel

Asian Sunset In Maine
This sunset with an oriental feel to it was caught from a boat on Ebeemee Lake in up-state Maine
13 Sep 2005, F/6.3 @ 1/320, ISO 100, 300mm, Canon Digital Rebel






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