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Providence RI hosts weekly "festivals" where they set a hundred or more wood fires ablaze on the spur of the Providence river along Water Street, with 4-5 hours of spectacular high-fidelity music arranged in themes to accompany the visual event. It runs for about a mile along the river, and there are TONS of people and food and craft vendors. This is a shot of the spectators along the bank of the river along Water Street.
6 Aug 2005, F/4 @ 1/8, ISO 800, 30mm, Canon Digital Rebel

After Sunrise, Bar Harbor
Our hotel in Bar Harbor was right along the shore, and one morning I went out before sunrise to shoot pictures. On the way back, after sunrise, I found this cove.
13 Sep 2005, F/10 @ 1/60, ISO 100, 27mm, Canon Digital Rebel

After Dusk, Ebeemee
We stayed a few days in a cabin on a lake in the upper part of Maine. When the days were clear the sunrises and sunsets were often spectacular, but even when it wasn't clear there were some great photos waiting to be taken
15 Sep 2005, F/4.5, 4 seconds, ISO 100 28mm, Canon Digital Rebel

Contemplating the Ancients
The Boston Museum of Fine Arts Egyptian Exhibit on a very slow day, the day before New Year's Eve
30 Dec 2004, F/4.5, 1/2 second, ISO 400, 18mm Canon Digital Rebel






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