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This willow tree was all by itself on a golf course in Rhode Island where we attended a wedding
3 Sept 2004, F/9 @ 1/125, ISO 100, 28mm, Canon Digital Rebel

The pre-dawn conjunction of the moon, Jupiter, and Venus in the southeastern sky - that's my neighbor's house and trees - as seen in a 3+ second time exposure, using tripod and electronic cable release.
9 Nov 2004, F/5.6 @ 3.2 seconds, ISO 100, 31mm, Canon Digital Rebel

Paradise Hotel
This was the resort hotel Lynn and I stayed in during our weekend in St Petersburg. I got up at dawn one morning to walk the beach and take photos, and this photo was waiting for me beside the pool when I finished.
4 Dec 2004, F/7.1 @ 1/125, ISO 100, 18mm, Canon Digital Rebel

Fly Me To The Moon
While doing yard work one Sunday in April, I noticed that the international flight paths for the day were pretty much right in line with the half (almost waxing gibbus) moon, so after my yard work was done I set up the camera on a tripod and waited...
17 Apr 2005, F/5.6 @ 1/200, ISO 100, 300mm, Canon Digital Rebel






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