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Christmas 2007

Another year ending, time for another VOGT Christmas newsletter, though shorter this year. As we get older, do our lives get less interesting?

Gene hit the 20 year milestone at MITRE this August. He’s been transitioning away from the project he’s been supporting for ten years or more. New work, new challenges. There’s been lots more travel; 16 out of the first 31 weeks of the year were spent on the road, including 2 trips of 2+ weeks each to Germany. A side benefit was that he was able to do some genealogy research in Lich, the ancestral home.

Lynn’s been continuing with her quilting, still working part time and teaching at the quilt shop in Cambridge. Her health has been pretty much the same, still fighting the cough and other symptoms that have an elusive source. It gets discouraging.

Megan’s moved up to a level 3 service technician at Bose Corporation. I guess the politics and business decisions are becoming more annoying at work, so she’s started thinking about moving on. She might have a chance to parlay her most favorite hobby – knitting – into a career as there is a knitting magazine in the area advertising for help.

Audrey is still working at GameStop, as an assistant manager in one of the Burlington stores. It’s hard work, and retail sales can be stressful, especially at this time of year, but she’s working hard and doing well. She got to go to Las Vegas this year for management meetings – her first business trip - which was an adventure. The wedding got called off when she and her fiancé split up in March.

Lynn and Gene’s non-business travels were modest this year. Lynn made a number of trips to Colorado this year to help Gene’s sister in her recovery from the effects of breast cancer chemotherapy. We spent an anniversary week in Amish country in Pennsylvania, a week in Falmouth on Cape Cod, a weekend at Tanglewood seeing James Taylor in concert one night and the Boston Symphony Orchestra the next. We were invited to a wedding on the coast in Maine, spent the weekend at the Highland Games in NH, and drove to Lynn’s sister’s house for Thanksgiving in NH.

We hosted a visit and family get-together from some of our Irish cousins this year. Gene was able to attend some Red Sox games again. Having the Red Sox win the World Series (twice in four years now) was a big treat. Now we get to see how the (American Football) New England Patriots do.

Love to all, Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year for you and your family!

Gene & Lynn





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