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Christmas 1981



Don't think of this as another late Christmas card - think of this as our attempt to keep the holiday spirit glowing through the retail establishment's cold-turkey abandonment of the season (sounds good, anyway!). It seems to be a lot harder to do things/be places/get ready on time these days. We won't blame Megan, though, even if it is her fault!

Speaking of Megan - she's growing faster than the lawn does. She's nineteen months old now- she can walk at 35 mph, talk in 45% intelligible English (25% unintelligible English, and the rest are words of her own invention), and is both cute and a genius (look out S. D. O'Connor!). Her favorite word is "UHP!" which is a request to be levitated by an adult up to a height and vantage point from which the world is infinitely more interesting. Her favorite foods are steak (her father's daughter), cheerios with milk (not her father's daughter), and hot-dogs (tube-steaks). Her favorite toys are puzzles and books (budding scholar), and her favorite past-time is "go, rye-car (beep-beep, brrumm-brrumm)!" She is the apple of both our eyes, a sweet kid with a great personality and a smile that could melt stone.

Lynn is getting pregnanter and pregnanter. The due date of March 7th is fast approaching, so we must start thinking in terms of 4 (did we ever get used to thinking in terms of 3?). From the pattern, strength, and frequency of the internal activity, we seem to have sprouted a Rockette (1-2-kick! 3-4-kick!). Lynn has taken up rug braiding through a class offered through a local adult education program. She has already finished a chairseat, and is planning to braid a full-size rug as her next project.

Gene is trying to become a computer guru at work (yes, he's still at Betac). The company bought a Digital Equipment Corp. machine, and he's learning how to make it hum (and sing and whistle!). Racquetball is still high on the list of ways to kill time. He won the club championships last year in the B+ (next to top) division, so now he's in the open division. He's also losing weight (about time!). Down to 190, 20 more to go. Christmas/New Year's is the wrong time to be on a diet!

We bought a wood stove. It's hooked up in the fireplace so the living room (and most of the downstairs) can be kept toasty without too much trouble. Boy is it neat! It really stretches the wood, too. It only burns about 1/4 of what the fireplace used to consume.

That’s the news for now. We'll keep you posted as things 'grow.'






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