Gene Gene

I guess you could call me a townie. I was born and raised in Woburn MA. I am half Irish, one-quarter French-German, and one-quarter Swedish. I am happily married (30 years and counting) To the former Lynn MUNROE of Lexington MA, and we have two daughters; Megan, and Audrey. I have a B.S. in Theoretical Physics from Lowell Technological Institute (a.k.a. UMass Lowell these days) with a minor in Secondary Education from Lowell State College (also a.k.a. UMass Lowell now, too), and an M.Ed. in Secondary Science Education from Northeastern University. I taught high school physics at Burlington High School in Burlington MA for five years (1975-80) before taking a position with Betac Corporation (bought out a while ago by ACS Defense, Inc.) in their Boston office. 

I began working for The MITRE Corporation in August 1987. While working for MITRE, we were offered the chance of a lifetime as a family and we relocated to the MITRE office in Stuttgart Germany in September 1991. We lived in Germany for 4 years, traveling extensively all over as much of Europe as we could afford, returning to Woburn in July 1995. While in Germany we lived in a suburb of Stuttgart called Möhringen.  When we moved back to Woburn, we moved back to the same house in the same neighborhood (we rented our house out while we were gone).

My days are consumed by work, my nights are consumed by work and hobbies, and my weekends are consumed by yard-work (or so it seems).  My interests include: genealogy, computers, programming, databases, web page design, coin collecting, good beer, single-malt whiskey, music, sci-fi movies, and of course my family.

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